Hello World

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Hello World. The first letters you usually type when you begin some new program, to test it is working properly.

Earlier I had thought of posting only software development related stuff here on my blog but now, I have decided to post anything here, since it is my personal blog. It would be like my “go to space” for letting my mind speak.

I have been thinking a lot about it and also thanks to a course called “knowledge management” which, I studied at my University, I have decided to record knowledge. Because “Knowledge not shared is wasted”, “Knowledge not shared, remains unknown”. Human life is still limited in this day and age and we realized this limitation of losing all the acquired knowledge a long time ago. That is why around 3000-3500 BCE in Mesopotamia we as a species started recording it. This is my small contribution to the digital world, and I hope it is somehow useful for some one out there. I will also be gone after some time but this blog may live on to remember me. :D

TLDR; I will create back dated posts and share anything I want on this blog.


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