People’s Energy and surrounding yourself with the best people

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You are the average of five people you spend the most time with, according to Jim Rohn. And we are influenced more by our environment than we think. What kind people you are around with, will make you their average. So, it is very important that you surround yourself with the types of people of you want to become or relate to or look forward to the most.

Everything is energy


I believe that everyone radiates a certain aura, everyone has a positive or negative energy. We may not recognize it but everyone has a certain energy field around them. If you’re in their presence it will affect you. Many a times you meet someone and you feel welcomed by their energy and you are instanly in sync with them and you feel like you have a connection. A persons energy type and level is not constant and changes over the period of days, months and years. In the end, the persons personality and energy are the combination of the person’s past, attitude towards life, upbringing, mindset, personal experiences and the most dominant thoughts. This is the energy of the of the person in general. The daily energy can be somewhat variable and comes with its own reserve, which is filled and drained daily. The daily reserve is filled by doing things which make you happy, which satisfy your inner desires and things which motivate you to achieve your long term goals. Positive and negative people have an instant effect on your daily energy reserve, positive people tend to fill it and negative people tend to drain it in a matter of seconds. I’ve had times when I am feeling good but after only talking to a person with negative energy, they’ve had drained my energy and made me feel terrible. I think its easy to drain someones energy than to build it.

Positive energy

Positive Energy

In my opinion, positive people are kind, loving, happy, nurturing, supportive, forgiving, inspirational , enthusiastic, honest, welcoming, dependable… I can go on forever. In short, these are the kind of people who are welcoming, who make you feel relaxed, who bring the best version out of you, who are there to support you, people who give you hope, people who give you short bursts of positive energy (even, at times when you think all is lost), they mentor you and coach you. These are the people with whom you can resonate. They share their knowledge and experiences, so you may not have to face a hard time as they did. Everybody has negative experiences, but they share only the positives of those experiences or how to deal with them, as they have an overall positive outlook on life. They are givers.

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Negative Energy

These are the people who have toxic personalities, they are unkind, unjust, liars, dishonest , hostile, envious, jealous,… people. They feed on your positive energy and they can quickly drain your energy reserves, possibly for a few days. These kind of people make you feel at unease and make you question you life and choices (not in a good way). They take out all of your hope and step on it! They are mostly self-absorbed and narcissists. They make you feel bad for them all the time (its different than empathy) and they are always in a state of self-pity. They are never happy, especially with your achievements, they only criticize(only negative criticism) and pull you down to their level. They focus only on the negatives, as thats the only thing they see. They always complain and are unhappy, they try to find a fault in almost anything. They never share their knowledge, they think that they had to invest so much time and effort acquiring this knowledge, why should it be easily available to others so easily(I’ve had an old friend who showed their true colors whenever I asked for some information/knowledge and they pretended like they had no clue about it, even though they did). They are only takers. In short they are the people who you cannot stand.

Nobody is perfect and some of us will have some overlapping qualities. First of all you should identify what kind of person you are and what you want to become, do you want to help the world and give something back or you just want to take? Then you can identify your circle of friends and adjust it. Just say no to negative people all the time and yes to positive people. Tell me what you guys think?

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