The Most Fulfilling $2 I Made And My Android Developer Journey

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I started my Android developer journey back in 2008-2009 when Android was not very commonly know. I used to live in a small apartment in Islamabad,Pakistan at that time and I was also doing my bachelor’s in computer science. Also at that time, I was in need of a new phone. It all started when I bought the first Android phone for myself in 2008: HTC Google G1. What a lovely phone it was, with a sliding keyboard, big screen and WiFi. I had so much fun writing texts on it and browsing the Internet back then.

I was learning programming at my University at that time and I always had a passion for writing software code. That’s when I decided to make my first ever Android app by following the tutorials online. Given that Android was opensource, it made things easier. My first app was a very simple temperature converter which showed the result in a toast. Nothing special, but it was the beginning of my journey. Ever since then, I self-taught myself Android app development and made small apps. The first ever app I published was a very basic app, which I had made for myself because, I required it at that time and there was no app for that.

Every year muslims have a holy month of Ramadan, in which they fast. It it sometimes difficult to know the time, when to break the fast and when to close it. So, I made a simple app, just for this basic necessity at that time and I also gave Google admobs a try with it. The app also notified me with an alarm sound, so I didn’t have to look at my phone(Pretty cool huh? :P). After uploading my first app, I made $2.07 in a whole month. Which was a pretty big deal for me. $2 is nothing, you cannot do much with it, but, it’s not about the money. It never was about the money, money was just a byproduct of my effort. It was the most fulfilling amount of money I had made ever. It set the foundation stone for me to build more apps, make my own startup and become a professional Andoroid developer.

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