Safe template data binding with ngOnInit

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Safe template data binding with ngOnInit

Angular calls ngOnInit for a compoment’s initialization. It is a good place to perform initialization logic but can throw errors, because the variables can be undefined which are binded to the views.

In typescript you can use:

if(typeof myVariable == "undefined") //no errors

To avoid angular throwing out undefined errors in html, you can use the following two methods:

1. Using *ngIf

<component-or-tag *ngIf="myVariable" ></component-or-tag>

This will not throw errors and wait for the myVariable to be initialized.

2. Using safe navigation operator ( ?. ) to allow variable to be null or undefined


This is sure way to check if the value is null or undefiend. Atleast, the app doesn’t crash. More details here: the-safe-navigation-operator

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