Deploy Angular App To Firebase Hosting

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Deploy Angular app to Firebase hosting

Hosting an angular app on firebase is really easy.


Node and angular-cli.


To deploy and app:

  1. Create Angular App, or use already created Angular App.
  2. Create project in Firebase console. Your app’s url name will be: <project-id>
  3. Install Firebase tools. In order to deploy to Firebase, we’ll need the Firebase CLI tools
     npm install -g firebase-tools
  4. Login to Firebase
     firebase login

    This will open a browser tab, where you can login.

  5. Initiliaze Firebase in your project. Go to your project folder and run this command:
      firebase init

    Follwo the steps:

    1. Are you ready to proceed? Yes
    2. Which Firebase CLI features? Hosting (In the future, use whatever you need! Press space to select.)
    3. Select a default Firebase project? (Choose whatever app you created in the earlier steps)
    4. What do you want to use as your public directory? dist (This is important! Angular creates the dist folder.)
    5. Configure as a single-page app? Yes

    Once you initilize the app, two files will be created in the folder: ### .firebaserc

         "projects": {
           "default": "project-id"

    ### .firebase.json

     "hosting": {
       "public": "dist",
         "rewrites": [
             "source": "**",
             "destination": "/index.html"
  6. Build Your Angular App
     ng build --prod

    This will build your angular application, where you will have a dist folder, inside this folder will be your index.html single page application.

  7. Deploy
     firebase deploy

    If everything went well, then your application will be deployed and you will see its url on the console.

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