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Since, I am living in Germany. I have to learn the German language. Somewhow, I came up with this idea of translating text messages of whatever you type into the chat, I thought it would make my life easier. You can get the translation, without having to leave the app. This way you could easily talk with your friends and also learn the language.

Well I had been keeping track of bots and I am sure they would replace most of the customer support after sometime. On Sep 15th, 2017 I also participated in a Hackathon at local company “LivePerson” in Mannheim, Germany. There, I had created a bot for Food recipes which works by either recipe name or based on ingredients.

Langur is a language assistant made using Node.js and Microsoft Bot Framework. It supports multiple languages translation but they are limited to 4, for now. Right now the bot has limited channels, Facebook messenger and kik. I am planning to integrate Whatsapp as a channel, as it is the most widely used chat app these days.

How it works:

In the beginning, the bot asks you for your source and target language and then it translates whatever you type into it. Pretty straight forward.

How to use it:

Fb Messenger

kik langurtranslator

Facebook page:


Langur uses these projects to work properly:

  • Microsoft Bot Framework - Awesome bot development framework from Microsoft
  • Node.js - JavaScript run-time environment for executing JavaScript code server-side.
  • Heroku - Easy hosting for developers.

P.S. I will upload the pictures of the bot soon.

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