Duolingo Lost Streak Repair Hack

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Update: I have posted an updated and easy method for the hack here

You had a streak of 100 days or even more and you just lost it! Shit happens! I understand your sadness of losing a streak. It also happened to me, once I lost a streak of 83 days and then to make matters even worse, Duolingo asks you for money to repair it.

Streak lost

I love Duolingo and I love learning a new language. I woudn’t have any problem with it if the money was insignificant (3.49€ is a lot for a student :D) . It’s not just the money, when you lose a streak, you also lose the motivation to continue learning the language on Duolingo. If there was an another option to pay with like, lingots, I would of course pay with them. Or may be if they had an option to repair your streak by watching a video ad. But, unfortunately, there is no such option.

Recently, I started my language learning again after a long time and lost my streak by just 20 minutes. Then, I decided to think of ways how you could repair a streak, of course without hacking Duolingo’s server. Shortly, I had my eureka moment and decided to test my hypothesis.

Duolingo has an offline feature also and they allow you to complete a couple of lessons offline. Once you get online, your progress is uploaded. I wanted to see if there is a way to upload a back-dated progress to Duolingo. Fortunately, I had Duolingo installed on my tablet and it was offline at that time. So, I changed the date and time settings from 5th March 2018 to 4th March 2018, on my tablet as below:

Changing date

I knew from before that you can only complete a couple of lessons offline and you cannot do practice lessons. So, I went to Duolingo’s website and updated my daily goal settings from 50xp to 10xp.

Daily goal settings

After that, I simply opened Duolingo and completed one lesson on my tablet; make sure you are not connected to the internet. After completing the lesson, I turned on the WiFi. As expected, the app uploaded the progress report and I got my streak back! Yaay!

Before: Before Uploading

After: Alt text

Then, I wanted to continue again with the insane daily goal level, so, I changed the settings back.

Insane daily goal

Streak back

A word of advice: Although, it works, I would strongly advise you to not use this feature, as Duolingo uses the money they earn from streak repairs to finance their servers and developers. Also, I am not sure how long this will work for, after I post this hack online!

Happy language learning Duolinguists! :D

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  1. Make sure Duolingo was installed on a device which is offline.
  2. Change the date settings to one day back.
  3. Complete one lesson offline (Change daily goal settings if you goal is more than 20xp)
  4. Connect device to internet.
  5. Rejoice your streak!

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