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Disclaimer: I know that legally Aral is right, hence the ‘Cheap move!’

My girlfriend recently went to Neu-Isenburg and wanted to grab something to eat and parked the car in this Aral gas station at Friedhofstraße 1, 63263 Neu-Isenburg for may be max 10 mins.

Little did I know, that I would receive a fine of 40€ afterwards because she parked the car at the gas station and didn’t go inside the gas station to buy anything from them, rather to the shop nearby.

Aral fine

Normally this shouldn’t be a problem because she didn’t block entrance of the gas station. But according to the Parkwatcher, monitoring company at this particular Aral gas station, she didn’t buy anything from them and blocked the parking for the customers. Later I saw on google maps that they have put these ‘no parking’ signs (3 mins is still allowed) everywhere on their covered area. I also saw a sign that this place is monitored by the company ‘Parkwatcher’; from which I received the hefty fine.

This particular station has many extra cameras, to make extra money from unsuspecting customers or better from non-customers. The cameras watch people and cars, they track the people when they left their car, if they went to the gas station shop or not. I would assume, they also track you inside to see if you actually bought anything.

This stupid Aral station has also been in the news for their appalling behavior:

Ständig Ärger um Knöllchen an Tankstelle im Kreis Offenbach

It’s just hideous how they take the money from people. I have paid my fine and this post should serve as a word of caution to anyone who is in the Neu-Isenburg area, to avoid these greedy money grabbers. From now on, I would never go an Aral gas station, even if I have to drive 50km extra or even 150km. This would be the last money Aral would be getting from me!

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